Are You Trying To Conceive? 5 Tips For Successful Conception

Are You Trying To Conceive? 5 Tips For Successful Conception

If you are planning to conceive, improving egg quality is key to the entire effort. It can enhance the chances of fertility and pregnancy. While a good part of a woman’s egg quality

depends on genetics, some lifestyle changes may improve one’s chances of conception:

Keep Track of Ovulation Cycle: It’s advised to keep track of your menstrual cycle to identify the fertile window. One can also use ovulation predictor kits or ovulation tracking apps to identify when you are most fertile. Couples are suggested to be unprotected regularly during this timeline to increase the chances of conception.

Stick To a Healthy Lifestyle: Given that genetics plays a major role in determining the fertility of eggs, a healthy lifestyle can positively impact the fertility of both partners. Maintain a good diet which includes all nutrients and vitamins. Also, commit to regular exercise and maintain overall fitness. Be sure to avoid excess alcohol, caffeine and nicotine as they can affect one’s fertility. Alcohol should be consumed in moderation and smoking should be avoided at all costs if you wish you increase your chances of conception.

Stress Management: Given the amount of stress younger people carry in the current scheme of things, it's important to manage stress levels to ensure ovulation is not affected and hormonal balance remains stable throughout. Take up stress-reduction techniques such as yoga, medication, or any other hobbies to help manage your stress better. You can also join various groups that undertake various activities to reduce stress for both parents.

Consult Specialists: If you have tried to conceive earlier without any success, it is best advised to seek the help of a fertility specialist. They perform an overall assessment for both partners and determine any underlying issues, if any. They will also provide guidance and any other treatment one may need to undergo to increase their chance of success.

Last but not least, every couple is unique and have varying pace to conceive. One needs to be patient and work their way up the ladder to get to their goal. It’s a collective effort and both partners will need to keep each other motivated to improve their chances of conception.