Who require IVF-ICSI

Who Require IVF-ICSI

IVF, commonly known as test tube baby, is as we all know an advanced fertility treatment done to help couples overcome infertility and become parents.

In-vitro fertilisation is a complex procedure which involves extracting eggs from a woman's ovary and fertilising them with her partner's sperm, followed by transfer of the resulting embryo into the woman’s womb. Not all couples seeking fertility treatment will require IVF, only a small subset will require this treatment.

The following are some of the indications for IVF treatment

  • Women with bilateral tubal blockage
  • Women with severe endometriosis
  • Resistant PCOS patient or PCOS patients who failed to conceive with ovulation induction cycles and IUI treatments
  • Unexplained infertility of more than 5 years period
  • Women with low egg reserves who do not seem to have a lot of time in their hand
  • Women with cancer prior to their chemo or radiotherapy Male partners who have low sperm count
  • Couple with disorders requiring PGD
  • Women with recurrent pregnancy loss requiring PGT-A