Important factors which can impact on a couples IVF success

Important factors which can impact on a couples IVF success

Every couple who are undergoing IVF would want a successful outcome, it is also very well known that not all of them have a positive outcome.

Some couples have better chances of a successful outcome when compared to others.

Women tend to have a better outcome if she is less than 35 yrs and married for less than 5 yrs, has a good ovarian reserve and if she is undergoing IVF for a tubal block or for mild to moderate male factor subfertility.

Women who are aged 35 and above and married for more than 5 yrs with low ovarian reserve, severe endometriosis, and severe male factor subfertility tend to have poorer prognosis.

Choosing an IVF clinic which is having an experienced team of clinicians and embryologists with an accreditated well equipped IVF laboratory is of utmost importance to have the best chances of a positive outcome.

All couples trying to conceive through IVF should discuss with their fertility specialist their chances of conception and discuss with the clinician the treatment options available to improve their chances of conception.

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