Successful pregnancy in patient with extremely low sperm count with ICSI treatment

Successful pregnancy in patient with extremely low sperm count with ICSI treatment

Mrs d and Mr g aged 28 and 32 respectively visited the centre for fertility evaluation.

Couple have been married for 2 yrs and have been trying to conceive since one year.

Routine evaluation as per standard protocol was carried out which included an ultrasound and hormone tests for the lady and a semen analysis for the male partner.

The semen analysis revealed the sperm count as 0.5 million with only 20%motility and 1% normal morphology. This is considered as very low sperm count ,normal count as per WHO standard should be more than 15 million. Patient was advised to repeat the semen analysis after 15 days, a second report done after 15 days also showed similar low sperm count.

Patient was advised to consult in-house male infertility specialist for opinion regarding further evaluation and treatment.

Patient was advised hormonal ultrasound evaluation to understand the reason for the low sperm count.

The evaluation revealed ap very high FSH value around 20 suggestive of impending testicular failure. Patient was advised to immediately freeze the semen sample .

Couple couple were counselled for IVF ICSI where eggs are collected from the female partner and sperm is then injected into each each healthy mature egg. ICSI is intracytoplasmic sperm injection, it is an advanced fertility teatment and especially useful in couples where male partner has very low sperm count and it is impossible to get pregnant naturally given the low sperm count. Female partner was given gonadotrophin injection so that multiple eggs grow which were then collected via transvaginal ultrasound guidance, the collected eggs were then screened by the expert embryology team and in each mature egg sperm was injected.

The procedure resulted in 4 grade 1 embryos, two embryos were transferred and two were frozen for future use.

We are happy to note that couple had a successful pregnancy.

ICSI for extremely low sperm count is advanced fertility treatment and when done by expert embryology team can help couples to achieve pregnancy.