5 Ways To Improve Your Egg Quality

5 Ways To Improve Your Egg Quality

Improving egg quality is an important factor in improving the chances of conceiving since it increases fertility and the chances of delivering a healthy baby. Although genetics plays an important role in determining egg quality, few initiatives can be undertaken to help improve one’s chances:

Balanced Diet: Maintaining a good eating habit is crucial for one’s overall health and better egg quality. Consume foods rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and other nutrients. Include vegetables, fish, meat, and fruits in your diet and avoid processed food as much as possible. Also, limit the intake of sugar as in can negatively impact egg quality.

Manage Weight and Overall Health: Depending on one’s overall physical structure, a certain weight needs to be maintained to ensure egg fertility is not affected negatively. Conducting a BMI test will help one to determine a recommended weight range for the individual. Additionally, regular exercise is recommended to ensure both partners are in good physical and mental condition. Go for walks, light exercise, and other physical activities to keep yourself active.

Stress Reduction: Stress can negatively impact reproductive hormones and consequently the eggs. Practice yoga, meditation, or any stress reduction techniques to minimise stress and keep your mind and body in balance. Seek help from family and friends with whom you can talk and share your anxieties. This will allow you to keep your mind focused elsewhere and keep the stress at bay.

Manage Underlying Conditions: In case you suffer from any health conditions that may affect the chances of your fertility such as diabetes, PCOS, or thyroid, it is best to take the advise of fertility specialists to manage it effectively.

Regular Checkup: Consult a fertility specialist to identify any problems both partners may face while conceiving. They can conduct various tests to identify any issues one may face and also recommend appropriate treatments.