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Dr Sunitha Ilinani In Vitro Fertilization Doctor

Dr Sunitha Ilinani is among the top Best In-vitro fertilisation doctor in Hyderabad. With her expertise of 15-plus years, she has treated many couples struggling with infertility issues.

In-vitro fertilisation is a process in which a series of procedures lead to conception. In this process, eggs from the female and a sperm sample are extracted from the male where the sperm is allowed to fertilise the eggs in the laboratory under controlled conditions. During the insemination process, the embryo is developed and placed in the female partner's uterus.

Dr Sunitha Ilinani, apart from being one of the Best In-vitro fertilisation doctors in Hyderabad is also an expert in other treatments such as ICSI, IUI, Fertility preservation, Fertility Enhancement Surgery, and Andrology. Her other areas of expertise include the natural IVF cycle, recurrent implantation failure, minimal stimulation IVF, PGS, and fertility treatment in resistance to PCOS.

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