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Dr. Sunitha Ilinani IVF in Hyderabad. Infertility is a distressing situation many couples face. Dr. Sunitha Ilinani is one of the best infertility specialists. With an experience of over 10 years, she ensures the best treatment for IVF in Hyderabad. In Vitro fertilization is a procedure that involves the extraction of eggs from the female partner through a minor surgical process while the sperm samples are also retrieved from the male partner. In the laboratory environment, the egg and sperm are combined to initiate the insemination process. Embryo formation happens during this process. The healthy embryo is now placed in the female partner's uterus.

Dr. Sunitha has many success stories in IVF in Hyderabad. She is a consultant in Assisted reproductive technology and also a fertility specialist and she is the Medical director at Surya Fertility Centre at Hyderabad. She constantly stays abreast with the latest innovations in ART to provide best fertility treatments to her patients all while putting smiles on their faces.

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