Male Infertility Specialist

Best Male Infertility Specialist Doctor in Hyderabad

Dr. Sunitha Ilinani is a leading Male Infertility Specialist in Hyderabad. Infertility is known to occur in both male and female partners and male infertility accounts for up to 40-50% of all cases. Male infertility mostly occurs due to deficiencies in the quality of the semen. Other factors such as genetics, abnormal sperm production, medical conditions such as diabetes, varicocele veins, or other infections may also cause male infertility. It is essential to consult an expert Male Infertility specialist for a good understanding of the treatment options available.

Dr. Sunitha Ilinani, Medical Director of Surya Fertility Center, has rich experience and expertise in dealing with fertility-related issues and is considered to be the leading Male Infertility specialist. Treatment procedures usually involve surgeries to correct varicocele veins or sperm retrieval. A course of antibiotics may treat the infection and improve fertility. Hormone treatments and medications are the other alternatives. In case of failure of the above procedures, Assisted reproductive technology may be employed to extract good quality sperm and cause fertilization to occur.

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