Best Infertility Treatment Doctor in Hyderabad

Best Infertility Treatment Doctor

Dr.Sunitha Ilinani, consultant infertility, and ART specialist has earned a reputation for herself as the best Infertility treatment doctor in Hyderabad. This statement is backed by her success rate of 40-50% which is on par with global standards. For those seeking fertility treatment, Dr.Sunitha would be the best choice.

A lot of underlying factors could cause infertility in a couple. Age, occupation, stress levels, BMI of the female and male partner needs to be reviewed to determine the factors. The right time to consult the best Infertility treatment doctor in Hyderabad would be if the age of the female partner is less than 35 but unable to conceive for over a year or if the age of the female is greater than 35 and is unable to conceive for over 6 months. Upon the initial assessment and few medications, diagnostic procedures the factors causing infertility are determined. Treatment options include IUI (Intrauterine insemination), ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) & IVF(In-vitro fertilization) as suitabl

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