Fertility Drugs for IVF

Best Fertility Drugs for IVF Treatment in Hyderabad

Dr.Sunitha Ilinani is a leading fertility specialist who is the Medical Director of Surya Fertility Centre. She prescribes Fertility Drugs for IVF only after a thorough initial assessment of both male and female partners and subsequent development of a treatment plan.

Many a time, infertility can be resolved with few modifications in diet, lifestyle, or by managing other medical conditions such as thyroid, PCOS among others. However, if deemed necessary Fertility Drugs for IVF are suggested by the doctor to begin the treatment process for infertility. The commonly prescribed medications for fertility include clomiphene citrate, metformin among others. These medications regulate the production of hormones to improve ovulation, maintenance of progesterone levels, and so on. Upon usage of medications for a prescribed period of time and with procedures such as ovulation induction with timed intercourse, it is possible to achieve fertility. In the event that the medications are not successful, procedures such as IUI (Intrauterine insemination), ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) & IVF (In-vitro fertilization) may be recommended.

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